Arai Tour-X4 Helmet

Intended use: High-quality prop in a realistic game environment
Modelled in: 3ds Max
Textured in: Substance Painter & Adobe Fireworks
Tris: 2,512
Texture Sets: 1 @ 4096×4096

This is an enhanced version of a motorcycle helmet I made for a weekend modelling challenge. The goal was to create a low-poly mesh of this specific helmet as accurately as possible within 2 days. This is what the original submission looked like:


And here’s the real helmet:


The original model was textured with Adobe Fireworks (a Photoshop equivalent) and had a clean, factory-new look. For this enhanced version I wanted it to have a wet and muddy appearance, and fix up a few issues with normal bake. I tweaked the high-poly mesh, re-baked the maps and applied a spray of wet mud. The result looks a lot better!